Web Design

We’ve Got Your Web Design Needs Covered

Whether you need to get a basic website designed or a customized site for your e-commerce business, we can help you by creating a site to improve your company’s image and visibility. We offer comprehensive web design services to meet your needs. In the hands of our award-winning staff of professional designers, you can rest easy knowing that your design needs are covered.

The Elements Of Good Web Design

What exactly makes great web design? We believe that a good website should be:

  • Attractive And Unique. Since web design is part of your overall branding and image creation strategy, it’s essential that your site stands out from all the rest. This is why we work hard to produce sites that are original and appealing to the eye.
  • Appropriate To Your Audience. It is also essential that your website is appropriate for your niche. It needs to be clear to your visitors what you’re offering and whether it’s what they’re looking for.
  • Easy To Navigate. A simple and clear design is extremely important. Websites that are busy or overly complex cause your visitors to click away and find something easier on the eyes.

The following is our process in deciding what needs to be done in respects with your web design project:

Our objective:  To design/redesign a business website to maximize internet sales and/or new customer acquisition.


  1. Define objective – example: is the site designed to generate leads, sales, build credibility etc.
  2. Create a mockup of the website look and navigation bars.

A. Customer fills in a small questionnaire based on which graphic designers’ mockup the site.

B. The mock up can be revised based on customer feedback.

C. Identify focus keywords for site optimization. Keywords can be picked from the strategy service or through customer discussion.

D. Convert mockup picture in a website and optimize it for agreed upon keywords.

E. Add well written content for all pages.

F. Add content management system (CMS) for editing site contents.

 Ecommerce sites come with the following additional features:

  1. Shopping cart with credit card processing
  2. Database of sales
  3. Promo code/coupon
  4. Shipping integration with UPS/Fed Ex/USPS
  5. SSL for secured checkout
  6. Tax calculation based on state
  7. Thank you after purchase
  8. Email notification ager sales for shipping

Many companies fail to realize how important website design is for their overall marketing strategy. A badly designed website can cost you serious money and lose lots of potential business. Get it right the first time with our experienced professionals!