Matthew JaxStyles

My name is Matthew Aponte and I am the President of 212 Photography Studio’s in Jacskonville Florida. Our photography studio is a bit unique in the fact that we are not your normal photography studio that shoots family portraits or weddings. We specialize in the Fashion and Glamour industry, so our niche’ market is very laser focused. That is the reason why we chose to go with First Coast Media Pros, because we not only needed to be on the front page of Google for local photography studio searches, but we needed to be on the top page for specific searches like Model Photographers, Boudoir Photographers, Fashion Photographers. If we did not show up for these type focused keyword searches then as far as the internet world goes, we would be dead in the water. Fist Coast Media Pros not only got us on the top page for those focused keywords in less than 2 Months, but they keep us there! The bulk of our business now, comes from local Google searches and because of that, business is booming! First Coast Media Pros are exactly that, Pros at Local Marketing for your business… we wouldn’t trust our online marketing to anyone else!